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An Integrated Approach to Care

Integration of mental health and other services improves care for clients, especially for people diagnosed with a serious mental illness or severe and persistent mental illness who frequently have multiple concerns. This approach provides clients timely access to our full continuum of services in a way that is appropriate to the acuity of their symptoms, yet flexible enough to meet their individual needs.

Through our integrated model of care, Zumbro Valley Health Center
staff ensure that clients with chronic conditions can seamlessly access multiple services, with close coordination between them. Staff work in teams to monitor the ongoing care needs of clients, meet to review key cases, coordinate clients' care with community providers and integrate diagnoses into a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses and coordinates all aspects of clients' care.

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Zumbro Valley Mental Health

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1 in 4 people suffer from a behavioral health issue each year. Take the first step toward a healthier you by calling today.
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Zumbro Valley Mental Health

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