Steps to Adolescent Recovery

Steps to Adolescent Recovery

Raising an adolescent isn't an easy task. Regular mood swings, shifting interests and a desire to distance themselves from their parents make it challenging to identify regular behavior versus when you should be concerned.

Teens struggling with substance use and addiction require specialized treatment and counselors who understand their unique needs. Through the Steps to Adolescent Recovery (STAR) program, your child will receive treatment from expert counselors and learn healthy life skills to help overcome their addiction. Our program is specially designed for teens and their unique needs.

We believe that successful treatment is provided through a systematic, evidence-based approach that addresses the entire person. This begins with a certified drug counselor building a relationship with the adolescent to address his or her developmental needs and collaborating to develop a treatment plan. Key to this treatment is helping each child discover the strengths necessary to achieve their goals, having family members connect with each other in the treatment process and teaching youth the strategies to support long-term recovery.

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