Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports

Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports

Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) is a flexible group of mental health services for children and adolescents who require varying therapeutic and rehabilitative levels of care. This program takes place within people's homes, at school or in the community, and is designed to teach children with emotional disturbances the necessary skills to properly function at school, home and the community. Through this program, staff work with children and their family to help restore children to a level of functioning they had either achieved before or would have achieved if normal development had not been impaired.

Areas CTSS can help

  • Behavioral issues at school
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Difficulty adjusting to recent changes in life
  • Being fearful or worried
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Fighting with others
  • Difficulty paying attention


  • Be under 21 years old
  • Receive Medical Assistance or a state health care plan
  • Have a diagnostic assessment that documents: 1) primary diagnosis of an emotional disturbance for children under 18 years of age or mental illness for young adults 18 through 20 years old; 2) medical necessity for CTSS; and 3) completed CASII or ECSII
  • Have a completed and signed individual treatment plan that: 1) documents spcific goals and objectives for CTSS services and 2) is signed by the supervising mental health professional and parent/guardian prior to service delivery

Included services

  • Skills training - a mental health professional works with you and your child to teach skills that reduce the symptoms of their mental health diagnosis. This may include social skills, anger management, cooperation with others and skills to assist with symptoms of ADHD 
  • Psychotherapy - the use of structured therapy sessions are an important component of the treatment plan, and the mental health professional will work closely with you and your child to determine the best treatment method(s) for his/her unique needs
  • Crisis assistance - the mental health professional will help your child identify factors that may trigger a mental health crisis as well as strategies to effectively deal with these situations

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