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“Margaret” is a woman in her mid-fifties who receives services from multiple Zumbro Valley Health Center programs. During a recent visit with her case manager, she expressed some confusion about her current medications citing the similarity in appearance between the pills used to treat her hypertension and anxiety. Margaret's case manager immediately brought her to the primary care clinic to discuss the matter with the nurse practitioner and registered nurse as Margaret had visited the primary care clinic multiple times and had a strong relationship with its staff. During the discussion, clinic staff consulted the pharmacist from the on-site Genoa pharmacy. Margaret, her case manager and the registered nurse visited the pharmacist, who brought out samples of each medication so she could show Margaret the slight differences in appearance between the two medications. The pharmacist also printed out photos of each pill that Margaret could take home and help her identify the appropriate medication.

Dan, Mary & Jack

“Dan” and “Mary”, along with their son “Jack”, began working with Zumbro Valley Health Center three years ago. The family initially started within Youth Behavioral Health when Jack had problems in school due to his ADHD and Mary was in daily contact with his teacher. Jack saw a psychiatrist at Zumbro Valley, had his medication regimen altered and the improvements at school were immediate. Their case worker also has helped the family learn about medication management, school advocacy, parent coaching and resource awareness. As a result, the entire family has seen significant improvements in their daily lives.


“Bob” is a 65-year-old man who has been seen in the psychiatry department for over 10 years for treatment of major depressive disorder. Along with his mental illness, he also has an extensive cardiac history that began in 2000 when he suffered his first heart attack. Since that time, Bob has experienced two additional heart attacks, most recently about five years ago. He has faced numerous barriers to optimal medical care, including financial difficulties and limited access to care as he lives in a rural area. These barriers have restricted his ability to follow up on appointments and purchase the potentially life-saving medications he needed. Bob originally visited the primary care clinic as he found it convenient to have medical services located in the same facility as his mental health care provider. During his initial appointment, Bob reported he had not been to a medical doctor for any reason in several years. After completing a full physical assessment and the appropriate blood work, he returned for a follow-up appointment to discuss the results and to develop a plan of care. Clinic staff spoke with Bob about the importance of the medications for his cardiac disease and came to an agreement on how much he could afford monthly. Staff also helped him compare at various pharmacies and connected Bob with a pharmacy in his area that provided discount programs for patients without prescription insurance. The primary care provider also contacted the Mayo Health System site closest to his home for an appointment, as he would need further evaluation for his cardiac condition. Bob's health has improved dramatically and he continues to visit Zumbro Valley Health Center for his ongoing care.



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