Welcome to Zumbro Valley Health Center. With us, you can expect support that is comprehensive, integrated, and well-coordinated. You can expect to receive services that are unique to you, culturally sensitive, and grounded in evidence-based practices. We will work with you to assess what services will be beneficial and then together with our team, work with you to develop a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Our Leadership & Staff

Beth Krehbiel

Beth Krehbiel, RN, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer

Laurie Bell

Director of Care Transformation

Ana Barnes

Residential Treatment

Tracy Schmidt

Information Technology

Tracy Lee, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Tina Nunemacher-Tews, LSW

Community Support Programs

Chad Van Houten

Accounting and Finance

Heather Geerts, MSW, LICSW

Director of Clinical Services

Casey Langworthy, MSN, RN, CNL

Director of Nursing

Corey Kanz, MA, LADC

Substance Use Services

Our Providers



Alan Rogers, LICSW


Jayvie Ramirez

Jayvie Ramirez, LGSW


Kelli Tischer

Kelli Tischer, MSW, LGSW


Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen, Clinical Trainee


Laurel Light

Laurel Light, LPCC

Clinical Supervisor / Therapist

Sheri Pearson

Sheri Pearson, LICSW, LGSW


Beth Thompson

Beth Thompson, LICSW

Clinical Supervisor, Therapist

Irene Kruger

Irene Kruger, LPCC


Julie Kidder

Julie Kidder, MSW, LICSW


Leah Holmes

Leah J. Holmes, LP


Sean Haggerty

Sean Haggerty Sr., LICSW, LADC


Crystal Guyse

Crystal Guyse, LP, LICSW

Psychological Services Supervisor

Janice Jett

Janice Ziebart

School Linked Mental Health Therapist

Kaylee Nelson

Kaylee Nelson, LICSW

Therapist, Children's Clinical Services Supervisor

Rebecca Potter

Rebecca Potter, LICSW


Monica Way

Monica Way, LGSW

Therapist / Children's Clinical Services Supervisor

School Linked Mental Health

Susan Pikula

Susan Pikula

School Linked Mental Health Therapist

Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill

School Linked Mental Health Therapist

Crystal Skenendor

Crystal Skenandore

School Linked Mental Health Therapist
Pine Island

Brittany Vega

Brittany Vega

School Linked Mental Health Therapist
Pine Island

Recovery Programs

Camilla Ward

Camilla Ward, ADC-t

Substance Use Counselor

Lacey Olson

Lacey Pegram, ADC-t

Substance Use Counselor

Shelby Klien

Shelby Klein, LADC

Substance Use Counselor

Danielle Fanslow

Danielle Fanslow, ADC-t

Substance Use Counselor 

Kendra Henry

Kendra Henry LADC, LPCC

Substance Use Program Manager

Spence Pfeifer

Spencer Pfeifer, LADC

Substance Use Counselor

Heidi Kolbe

Heidi Kolbe, LADC

Substance Use Counselor

Nancy Kujawa

Nancy Kujawa, LADC

Substance Use Counselor

Integrated Clinic

Kavita Prasad

Dr. Kavita Prasad, MD

Primary Care Medical Director  / Physician


Dr. Joseph Wilson, MD


Rachel Beukema

Rachel Beukema, NP

Psychiatry Nurse Practitioner


Dr. Christopher Hanley, MD

Medical Director / Psychiatrist


Here to Help

Our trained staff will provide a mental health assessment for you or your loved one. Call us at 507.289.2089 or visit our facility to get started.

In the case of a mental health crisis, please call our crisis line at 844.274.7472 or text MN to 741741.