A mental health crisis can happen to anyone at any time. Stress, anxiety or feelings of being overwhelmed all have serious effects on your health, and individually or together can trigger a crisis.


Gain a medication routine by working with staff to manage prescribed medications.

Learn and practice coping strategies that you can use in the community to manage your mental health.

Use experiences to increase confidence, effectively advocate for your needs, and sustain healthy relationships.

Available Services

Much can be gained when a person is able to step away to focus solely on their recovery. For some, therapy is enough while others benefit more from intensive treatment that allows them to focus all of their attention on becoming well again. At our facility, we provide a safe, healing environment where staff work closely with you to provide support, guidance and the interventions needed to help you reach your treatment goals.

  • 24/7 Phone Support with a Trained Counselor
  • Emergency Mobile or On-Site Treatment
  • Crisis Stabilization Care
  • Residential Treatment

Here to Help

When you’re having a crisis – anxiety, depression or thoughts of suicide – call the Crisis Response line at 844.274.7472 or text MN to 741741 anytime. Our highly-trained staff will work with you to determine the treatment options best suited to your needs.