Dear Community Members,


Please help us to continue to serve our mission of providing high quality patient-centered healthcare that is accessible, affordable, and culturally sensitive. During a time when more than 200,000 adults in Minnesota have a mental health condition so serious that it impairs their daily ability to function, Zumbro Valley Health Center’s mission has never been more relevant and necessary. We are committed to serving everyone who seeks care, regardless of their ability to pay and are among the leaders in the nation of addressing behavioral health, substance use, and housing support in a cohesive treatment plan.


“People need to receive the most appropriate care, be served in their own community and not be referred to more intensive—and more costly—care than required.”

Minnesota Department of Health


Traditionally, people living with mental health and substance use disorders in Minnesota have had to navigate through a complex system of primary clinics, referrals, treatment plans, and care providers in order to get the help they need. Most patients come to Zumbro Valley Health Center because they have nowhere else to turn and, with your support, they know that we will be here to provide the care they need from a diverse group of providers offering multiple areas of care, all in one location.


“There is not another alternative [for mental health care], especially for those who are economically challenged.”

Tim Walz, Minnesota Governor 


As a non-profit, our work would not be possible without the generous people and organizations that support Zumbro Valley Health Center each year. Because of your kindness, we have been able to continue to grow over the past year.


Zumbro Valley Health Center Rochester, Minnesota


The need for healthcare continues to grow, and we need your help to meet it. Every dollar donated is used to help support individuals toward healthy and fulfilled lives.

Please join our board, staff, and community members this holiday season by donating online to Zumbro Valley Health Center.

With grateful appreciation,

Beth Krehbiel
Chief Executive Officer