The ability to serve the underserved and assist them in making changes to focus on their well-being is why Dr. Kavita Prasad loves her job at Zumbro Valley Health Center. As Medical Director of Primary Care, Dr. Prasad has been practicing medicine for more than 25 years and specializes in Integrative Medicine. Through our team-based model of care, she works closely with clients to address the full scope of their mental and physical health issues.

A passion for equipping clients with the tools necessary to create healthy, rewarding lives makes her a valued team member at Zumbro Valley Health Center. “I always try and understand where the patient is coming from – what their life circumstances are like, and then focus on simple steps to help them make changes,” says Dr. Prasad. Our comprehensive model of care combines a range of treatment options with education and ongoing care coordination.

Our inclusive work environment allows for collaboration with team members across all departments. “It is a compassionate facility, with dedicated staff working collaboratively to help clients make improvements in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing,” Dr. Prasad explains. Zumbro Valley Health Center recognizes Dr. Prasad for her continued support and contributions to the improvement of mental health services in southeast Minnesota.