Mental Health in Minnesota: Ending the Stigma

Mental health is a growing concern worldwide. Each year, the need for mental health services increases, but many individuals are left untreated. In fact, over 26 million U.S. adults have an unmet need for mental health treatment.

Mental Health in Minnesota

In Minnesota alone, Mental Health America estimates that nearly 360,000 individuals currently experiencing mental health conditions are going untreated. Often times, those individuals remain untreated for long periods of time before seeking treatment. This can be due to a plethora of reasons, however one of the main factors is due to the stigma held around mental health.

What’s the Stigma Around Mental Health?

Social stigma and discrimination can make mental health problems worse and stop a person from getting the help they need. To define it, a stigma is viewing something negatively because of an association of a characteristic or trait that goes along with it. This stigma is experienced when those who are suffering disassociate from their mental health issues to avoid being labeled as “mentally ill” and needing to receive help.

How Can We End the Stigma?

There are many ways that we can challenge the mental health stigma. Understanding the importance mental health care can help us recognize its importance. When we learn how to talk openly about it, we are better equipped to have informed conversations with those around us.

Here to Help.

For those seeking counseling services, Zumbro Valley Health Center provides solutions designed to meet the needs of each diverse individual. Our inclusive services ensure anyone living with a mental health conditions receives access to treatment. For more information on our health services, our friendly professionals are here to help.