Substance use recovery is not easy. Kylie* successfully completed the Rebalancing in Recovery Program at Zumbro Valley Health Center and was referred to ZVHC’s Recovery Bound program for continued maintenance.

At Intake, Kylie established goals to abstain from mood-altering and illicit substance use and maintain sobriety by focusing on learning how to identify and process her emotions in a healthy manner. She also enhanced and maintained her mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness by attending mental health or other referral appointments, as scheduled, remaining medication compliant, and reporting symptom changes to her counselor. Her recovery plan also included meetings and conversations with a peer support specialist, mentor, sponsor, or health coach and a sober social support network group beyond the treatment group.

Kylie focused on enhancing her overall health with daily physical activities and pursuance of a healthy lifestyle to enhance, maintain, and stabilize her overall wellness. She obtained an annual physical and dental exam and committed to engagement in daily physical activity to develop a balanced lifestyle. Kylie continues to challenge herself to spend more time in physical activity, particularly more time in nature.

The road to recovery has not been easy. Kylie relapsed twice during the course of this treatment. However, she has worked hard to overcome her substance dependence, has established acceptance, gratitude, and kindness towards herself and others, and practices remaining present in her daily life, as opposed to regretting past and dwelling and shame. She has gained comfort and vulnerability, which has furthered her self-confidence. 

Upon discharge, Kylie engaged with Rochester Metro Counseling as a part of their MAT maintenance. She is also engaged with ZVHC peer support and continues to rely on her mentor and employment supervisor for close moral support and encouragement. Kylie has taken steps to resolve associated emotions and grow with the assistance of her mental health provider at ZVHC.  She is currently making plans to purchase her own home and has recently purchased a more reliable vehicle.  Kylie has made great discoveries surrounding past codependent relationships and gained self-respect and independence during her course of treatment. 

*Kylie’s name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.