Zumbro Valley Health Center is always adapting and improving ways that we can help reach people in our community who are hoping to improve mental health. We have a wide variety of groups that we offer, and recently we have added new ones that focus on professional support for people facing difficult life changes, struggling to connect with other LGBTQIA+ youth in the community, and understanding how to cope and heal from trauma. Keep reading to learn if these new groups would be a good fit for you or someone you care about.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Basics (CBT)

CBT has been known to be as effective or even more effective than other forms of therapy. This group will allow people to connect with others who are having a difficult time with changes in their lives. You will be taught how to change thinking and behavioral patterns as well as managing emotions while you are transitioning into a different chapter of your life.

Learn more about ZVHC CBT group here: https://www.zvhc.org/news/classes/cbt-basics/

Rainbow Youth Connection

This group is here for the youth of the LGBTQIA+ community to connect with each other. The risk of negative experiences and bullying for this community is very high, and Zumbro Valley Health Center wants to make sure that the youth know that they are not alone. If you or someone you care about needs a safe place to be and find people to relate to in the LGBTQIA+ community, be sure to consider joining this group.

Learn more about ZVHC Rainbow Youth Connection group here: https://www.zvhc.org/news/classes/rainbow-youth-connection/

Understanding Trauma

This group is for people who have experienced trauma that affects their everyday life. You will learn how to take control of your life and heal from your past experiences. You can learn and be inspired by others that are facing challenges in their lives from trauma, as well as find and practice new techniques that can help you heal from your own trauma. You will find validation and feedback from others who can relate to you and help you move forward in your healing process.

Learn more about ZVHC Understanding Trauma group here: https://www.zvhc.org/news/classes/understanding-trauma/

We are here to help!

Zumbro Valley Health Center has a variety of groups that are here to help members of our community with mental health. Do you or someone you care about need to connect with others going through similar situations? Find all of the groups that we offer on our website, or you can contact ZVHC with questions or concerns by calling this number: 507.289.2089