Have you heard of Crisis Stabilization? Zumbro Valley Health Center offers this service, and it is available Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm. Crisis Stabilization is an outpatient community service that assists clients in learning skills, connecting with services, and can include family support. If you were to need this service our professionals on staff will complete a Crisis Assistance Plan and Crisis Stabilization Treatment Plan with you. Now let’s talk about who qualifies and what situations are considered a crisis.

What does crisis stabilization offer?

This service offers a safe environment for you to come and work towards your mental health goals. Guidance on treatment plans and medication routines will be provided by our professional staff that will be there for you 24/7. Once the response staff completes a crisis assessment with you, they will connect you with services and resources that best fit you and your specific goals.

What is considered a crisis?

A crisis can occur at any time and show up in many different forms. If you find yourself in a situation that causes stress, anxiety, or overwhelming feelings it can be or turn into a crisis. These situations can stem from relationships, family, work, school, or any other source of stress that you may have in your life. Do you think you are experiencing a crisis and need help? Call 1-844-CRISIS2 and speak with a phone support staff.

Who qualifies for crisis stabilization?

Crisis Stabilization is free for anyone who is a resident in Dodge, Steele, Waseca, Mower, Goodhue, Olmsted, Fillmore, Winona, Wabasha, and Houston counties. This service is for adults, children, and adolescents who are experiencing a crisis.

Mobile Crisis Professionals

Margo Grafe: (Role- Mobile Crisis Daytime Mental Health Practitioner)

“I am the Daytime MH Practitioner for the Crisis Response Team of SE MN.  Our team provides mobile crisis services to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis via the crisis line (1-844-274-7472).  I respond to calls in any community member located in Olmsted, Goodhue, and Fillmore Counties, otherwise known as our Central HUB. Yes, I get around!  We also have our East and West Hubs that service Winona, Houston, Wabasha, Dodge, Houston, Mower, Steele, Waseca and Winona Counties.

My secondary role is providing crisis stabilization services to individuals who have already completed a crisis assessment/intervention or mental health assessment by another provider (i.e. SERCC or Hospital). Stabilization services provides up to 45 days of added mental health support to these individuals.  I can assist with referrals to ongoing mental health services, safety planning, provide education about community resources, provide coordination of care, and of course emotional support and encouragement to name a few.”

Josh Jensen: (Mobile Crisis Supervisor/ZVHC Community Liaison):

“I have had the privilege to work in a wide variety of roles ranging from my first job as the Minnesota Security hospital where I spent time with folks deemed mentally ill and dangerous, to working as an ARMHS worker, and then moving to SE MN and becoming employed at Zumbro Valley Health Center where I have worked in a variety of different roles. I have always wanted to help other people and I have found that my lived experience with substance abuse/recovery, being impacted by suicide, and living with generalized anxiety/panic disorder – all things I once perceived as troubles and burdens – have become my strongest assets as I get to share this with other people and encourage them through my work with the mobile crisis team, regional suicide prevention work, and the resiliency work that I do.”

We are here to help!

Zumbro Valley Health Center has a variety of services that are available to help members of our community with mental health. Do you or someone you care about need to connect with others going through crisis situations? Find all of the services that we offer on our website, or you can contact ZVHC with questions or concerns by calling this number: 507.289.2089