At Zumbro Valley Health Center, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive substance use program offerings in southeast Minnesota. Our services have grown and impacted the community in many positive ways, and we are continually working to evolve and improve programs to meet the needs of the community. Learn more about the services we provide and the classes that are available below.

Why is substance use programming needed?

In 2021, we supported over 1200 individuals in SE Minnesota who need substance use and recovery services. We provide a comprehensive approach to assist in decreasing visits to the emergency room and jail by capturing specialized needs for each individual. In addition to client services, we work on prevention by educating the community on risks and coping strategies.

Why choose ZVHC for substance use and recovery services?

From education to support and recovery, we meet our clients and their support systems where they are in their journey. Lead by a team of Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors (LADC), we have an impact by continually:

  • working with probation officers to satisfy probation terms for clients.
  • performing jail assessments to assist with treatment options after incarceration.
  • conducting education presentations to local agencies.
  • working closely with veterans to assist with co-occurring needs.
  • assisting with DWI classes to help clients get their license/privileges back.
  • working with drug court.

What substance use and recovery support services are available?

We are able to assist a variety of clientele during any facet of their journey to recovery by offering a multitude of programming in one location including:

Zumbro Valley Health Center is an inclusive non-profit facility which provides resources and support for anyone with a need during substance use and recovery. Learn more about what ZVHC does for the community you live in: