Our brains are the control center of our entire body, which means that our mental health is directly connected to our physical health. However, it’s rare that we put the same emphasis on maintaining our mental health as we do our bodies – or even our teeth. If we’re being honest, our vehicles probably get serviced more than our minds. Research shows that our physical health is directly correlated to our mental state, and an annual mental health check-up is a necessary step in treating our overall health. Taking that step will put you in control of your mental health, physical health, and future overall well-being.

What is a mental health check-up?

A mental health check-up is a simple screening where you answer a set of questions that helps your provider determine if you have any signs of a mental health disorder. This mental health assessment gives your doctor an accurate picture of the way you think and feel, which allows them to work with you to develop a treatment plan. The most common form of treatment for mental health concerns is Psychotherapy or counseling. Although medication isn’t a cure for mental illness, it can help with symptom management and is often prescribed as a complement to therapy. Our suggestion is to combine varying methods to ensure you receive the comprehensive health care you need.

How does mental health affect physical health?

The World Health Organization states that there is no health without mental health. The relationship between mental and physical health is most evident in chronic conditions. People with poor mental health are at a much higher risk of developing or increasing symptoms of long-lasting physical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and auto-immune disorders. Untreated mental health conditions can negatively affect physical health and quality of life. Mental health care is health care, and a yearly mental health check-up can go a long way to prevent serious mental and physical health conditions.

Why is preventative mental health care important?

Former congressman and mental health advocate, Patrick Kennedy believes that everyone should get a “check-up from the neck up” every time they see their health care provider. Early mental health interventions can shorten the duration of treatment needed and improve quality of life. Prevention aims to reduce symptoms, empower you to manage your well-being, and

reduces the risk of relapse.

Like an early diagnosis for any other life-threatening disease, early intervention and treatment of mental health conditions help you manage your symptoms, prevent physical health problems, and ensure holistic wellness. Zumbro Valley Health Center aims to make mental health services available to everyone with a sliding fee scale and resources to help you get the care you need. Ready to get your mental and physical health back on track? Contact us to schedule your mental health check-up today.