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Quit Smoking

Quit Using Tobacco: Now is a Great Time

Deciding to quit using tobacco is one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make for yourself. Eliminating or decreasing your tobacco use has significant benefits for your health, your family, and your finances. If you quit vaping, smoking,…

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Happy Family During the Holidays

Preparing for the Social Pressure of the Holidays

There’s a lot to love about the holiday season: presents, festive meals, and time spent with loved ones. However, for some people, this time of year can also be stressful and challenging. Spending time with family can be exciting, exhausting,…

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Mental Health Support for Veterans

November is designated as a time to honor our veterans. At Zumbro Valley Health Center, we honor and focus on supporting veterans and those that care about them now and throughout the year. Our armed forces are trained to be…

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Resources for the LGBTQIA+ Community

Feeling misunderstood is something that everyone has experienced at one time or another, but the feeling of being consistently misunderstood can lead to mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, shame, and isolation. At ZVHC, we are here to provide support…

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depression and anxiety

Suicide Prevention in Student Athletes

It’s back to school season, and that also means fall sports season! Many students are looking forward to the Friday night lights on the football field, energetic voices of cheerleaders, chilled air on the soccer field, or crunching leaves during…

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