Supporting individuals toward healthy and fulfilled lives.


  • struggling with feelings of anxiety?
  • seeking to increase your self-esteem?
  • looking to build friendships with other women experiencing similar mid-life issues?
  • seeking support as you care for your aging parents and children?


This group is for women ages 45 and up.

Women have unique transitions during mid-life; this group will provide education, empowerment, and support for a variety of life issues.

Treatment Components

We offer individual and group counseling to help clients identify and address experiences that have affected their mental health. We’ll work on skills that focus on:

  • Insight into societal pressure, and how that affects our views of ourselves within the world
  • Education about aging bodies and health
  • Coping skills for anxiety
  • Communication skills for relationships
  • Support through life transitions
  • Resources for support for again parents and children

Class Schedule

Class schedule varies by location. Please contact Customer Service for the most up-to-date class dates and times.

How to Start

Please contact Customer Service at 507.289.2089 for more information.