Are you…

  • Trying to adjust to to everyday activities and responsibilities after residential treatment?
  • Looking for more support during stressful times in your sobriety?
  • Seeking to connect and deepen relationships with others in recovery?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and isolated?


The Peer Recovery Support group is focused on providing the tools, resources, and support needed to achieve long-term recovery. It is facilitated by our certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists, who have “lived experiences” in long-term recovery, and are rooted in hope, health, and wellness.

Treatment Includes

  • Making informed, healthy choices
  • Supporting physical & emotional well-being
  • Engaging in meaningful daily activities
  • Developing hope, health & wellness
  • Staying connected to a sober community
  • Checking in and finding support for issues
  • Solidifying sobriety in everyday life

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