Supporting individuals toward healthy and fulfilled lives.


  • Are you wanting to thrive in your sobriety?
  • Do you want to rebuild healthy relationships?
  • Are you committed to investing in yourself?


This group utilizes DBT, CBT, and motivational interviewing to instill pro-social traits that will assist an individual to not only be successful in their own recovery, but also in their personal and work life. Upon completion of this group individuals will have created a foundation to restore self-confidence, self-reliance, self-direction, and self-discipline in their daily life.

Treatment Components

During the individual sessions, each client will work on personal, age-appropriate goals centered on their psychosocial needs in conjunction with or without MAT treatment, co-occurring disorders, legal involvement, as well as any special needs, such as pregnancy or pain management, or any other needs specific to the client, to help the client develop coping skills for relapse prevention.

Class Schedule

Class schedule varies by location. Please contact Customer Service for the most up-to-date class dates and times.

How to Start

Please contact Customer Service at 507.289.2089 for more information.