School-Linked Mental Health

School-Linked Mental Health (SLMH) is a school-based service that creates an opportunity for students to receive mental health therapy directly in their school. ZVHC partners with area school districts to have a trained mental health therapist located in the school to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and ADHD. School-based therapists can offer individual, family, and group therapy.

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Current Schools

Kingsland School District

Rochester Public Schools

Rochester Public Schools: Alternative Learning Center

Pine Island School District

Stewartville Public Schools

Rochester Community and Technical College

Extra Support at School

SLMH therapists provide school-based services that are more intensive, individualized, and ongoing for the student including assessing mental health needs, developing therapeutic goals, and working with the student regularly to achieve those goals.

Providing school-based mental health services directly in the schools allows more children and adolescents to access treatment that may not otherwise be possible.

Convenience – Students have appointments while at school

Early Intervention – Children with mental health conditions may be identified sooner

Increase Opportunities for Success - Improves academic performance, social-emotional competence, and physical and psychological safety

Help Reduce Negative Outcomes - disciplinary action, dropout, substance abuse, and involvement in the criminal justice system.

Get Started

Students can access School-Linked Mental Health in several ways.

Contact ZVHC directly to set up an intake at 507.289.2089

Contact the school counselor or principal to request services

Receive direct outreach from the school if SLMH services may benefit the student

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Here to Help

Please reach out with questions about School-Linked Mental Health at 507.289.2089. If you're looking for resources to use while at home, please check out our library of printable mental health worksheets.