Zumbro Valley Health Center offers support and services for adults, adolescents, and children. We offer integrative, team-based care designed to meet your individual needs.

Adult Counseling

Through a team-based model of care, our staff focusing on addressing the full scope of your mental and physical health conditions. Screenings, medical evaluations, ongoing primary care, and a variety of other vital services are provided to help stabilize and improve your overall health.

Youth & Family Counseling

We provide thoughtful and respectful care to clients and encourage open communication. Our staff works side by side with adolescents and adults to determine useful and manageable steps forward.

Substance Use & Recovery Services

Recovery from substance use is possible. Our compassionate staff will help you focus on forming healthy relationships, connecting with others, and learning how to live a meaningful life.

Community Support Services

There is a path to hope and recovery from a mental health condition. Our treatment and support services offer care and ongoing assistance that prepares you to successfully live, learn, work and socialize in your community.

Mobile Crisis Stabilization Services

A mental health crisis can happen to anyone at any time. Stress, anxiety, or feelings of being overwhelmed all have serious effects on health – our crisis team is here to help.

Residential Treatment Services

Much can be gained when a person is able to step away to focus solely on recovery. Our programs are designed to focus attention on becoming well and gaining skills to remain well.