Medication Management

Medication management includes monitoring medications, ongoing counseling, and ensuring clients get the desired outcomes. We provide a thorough review of prescribed drugs and their possible side effects to create treatment plans with each client's health and safety in mind. Medications can play a large role in the treatment of various mental health issues. The right medication can reduce or eliminate symptoms and significantly improve a client's quality of life.

medication management
medication management

What To Expect

When you first see your psychiatric provider, he or she will perform a psychological assessment. This will include an overview of your symptoms and your medical history. Based on the assessment, your clinician will make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan designed with your specific needs in mind. The decision to take medicine is ultimately up to the client. Our providers will review potential medications, possible side effects, and proper dosages.

When To Prescribe Medicine

While many psychiatric issues do not require medicine, there are instances where prescription medicines are the best way to relieve symptoms. Medication can be an effective part of the treatment of many mental health issues such as:


Bipolar disorder


Eating Disorders



Sleep problems


medication management

Here to Help

Our trained staff will provide a mental health assessment for you or your loved one. Call us at 507.289.2089 or visit our facility to get started. In the case of a medical emergency or crisis, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.