Child Trauma Treatment

Many children and adolescents have experienced a traumatic event, such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, car accidents, stressful medical procedures, domestic violence, or traumatic grief. By utilizing psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma, it is possible for youth to heal.  Trauma treatment will not help youth forget the traumatic events but will help youth be able to move forward in their development with less.


Common Reactions to Traumatic Events


Difficulty with relationships and trust

Being jumpy or on guard

Difficulty sleeping

Not being able to remember important parts of the events

Wanting to avoid thinking about or talking about the event

Feelings of anger, shame, guilt, sadness, and loss

Wanting to avoid people and places that remind them of the event

Feeling bad about themselves

Altered views of the world

Thinking about the event often

Difficulty with concentration

Feeling scared or out of control

Feeling physical pain

Tips for Helping Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

  1. Make sure that the children’s environment is and feels as safe as possible, including limiting fighting, arguing, or raised voices that might seem like they will lead to violence and managing security to the home.
  2. Create a specific written safety plan for situations where there may be ongoing dangers such as violence in the neighborhood or domestic violence including phone numbers and meeting locations.
  3. Increase support and reassurance from caregivers and communicate that the danger has passed.
  4. Make sure children have coping skills they can use, such as relaxation skills, breathing, and distraction.
  5. Find a therapist who is able to treat trauma with an evidence-based intervention.
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Here to Help

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