Telehealth Services

Telehealth allows for more access to healthcare and improves efficiency. As technology becomes easier to use, telehealth is becoming an accepted part of mental health care services. This service allows our providers to connect with clients virtually anywhere. Our secure and convenient telehealth appointments save you time and fit with your schedule. Meet with your provider directly from a laptop or mobile device. There are many benefits to telehealth services. These include easier access to care, increased safety for those with high-risk health conditions, and more.


Benefits of Telehealth

No transportation time or costs

No need to take time off of work

Reduces exposure for high-risk clients

Reduce child or elder care issues

Easier access to specialists

Personalized options

Easier health management

Support for self-management of health care

Getting Started

Telehealth appointments can be just as productive and effective as an in-person meeting. If you are preparing for a virtual mental health therapy session, use these tips to get started.

  • Find a quiet space.
  • Check that you have a strong wifi connection.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged and the camera and microphone are working.
  • Use headphones for improved sound quality and privacy.
  • Speak clearly and directly to your camera.
  • Refrain from multitasking during your session.



Here to Help

Our trained staff will provide a mental health assessment for you or your loved one. Call us at 507.289.2089 or visit our facility to get started. In the case of a medical emergency or crisis, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.