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Resilience Beat

A vlog centered on the principles of resilience.

What is resilience? In a nutshell, resilience is our ability to bounce back from hardship; but it can also be broken down into three separate definitions:

1. Resilience is the core strength you use to lift the load of life.

2. Resilience is doing well when you shouldn't be doing well.

3. Resilience is your ability to withstand adversity (resist), bounce back from adversity (recover), and grow despite life's downturns (rise).

Here at Zumbro Valley our goal is not to just provide excellent client care but to also empower people through the fostering of resilience which translates across many domains of life. Dr. Martin Seligman once said something to the effect of "misery reduction is not the same as flourishing;" and he is absolutely right. Many people are impacted by stress - to be exact this can be broken down into thirds as follows - 1/3 of people are getting along just fine, 1/3 of people are moderately, stressed, and the final 1/3 of people are extremely stressed. So, where do you reside? Keep in mind this is a continuum that we can shift across at varying periods in our life; and the amazing thing is that if we cultivate resilience, realistic optimism, positive/growth mindset, we can minimize the impacts of stress and move towards flourishing.

Through Zumbro Valley's resiliency efforts we aim to, as noted, empower people and cultivate a level of resilience that not only benefits the outcomes of our agency, but also translates into resilience in the domains that are encompassed in everyday life. Through this vlog you'll find resilient insights to assist in your efforts to cultivate resilience and begin to flourish.