Supporting individuals toward healthy and fulfilled lives.


  • Are you tired of isolating due to your addiction?
  • Do you want more out of life?
  • Are you open to learning more about yourself and your addiction?


This group is designed for people who have recurrent difficulties with maintaining sobriety, and who want and deserve to be respected and supported as they strive for a higher quality of life.

This group is specifically designed as an intensive harm reduction program for participants who have reached chronic stages of substance use.

Treatment Components

We offer individual and group counseling to help clients identify and address experiences that have affected their mental health. We’ll work on skills to:

  • Identify relapse triggers
  • Developing new patterns of thinking
  • Building social networks with others

Class Schedule

Class schedule varies by location. Please contact Customer Service for the most up-to-date class dates and times.

How to Start

Please contact Customer Service at 507.289.2089 for more information.