Supporting individuals with nicotine addiction.


  • thinking about quitting or reducing smoking/vaping/chewing?
  • wanting to save money?
  • concerned about how to manage nicotine withdrawal?
  • worried about social interactions without using tobacco?
  • feeling pressure to change?
  • experiencing health problems from using tobacco?


Services are available for individuals 12+ with support from certified tobacco treatment specialists and physicians.

Individuals will receive a physician consult followed by 1:1 and/or group counseling and will develop an after-care plan upon completion of the program. Individual counseling is available via Zoom or in person; group counseling options may vary.

Treatment Components

  • Identify triggers and stressors contributing to tobacco use
  • Identify your motivation for making a change
  • Identify supports and develop healthy coping skills
  • Manage cravings and withdrawals
  • Address biological/chemical addiction through the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), if appropriate
  • Learn about additional stress management services (Reiki, biofeedback, other)

Class Schedule

Class schedule varies by location. Please contact Customer Service for the most up-to-date class dates and times.

How to Start

Please contact Customer Service at 507.289.2089 for more information.