Heather Ritenour-Sampson, MA


After decades of working in the wellness industry as a yoga instructor and massage therapist, I became more curious about the psychological aspects of healing and stress management. That experience, combined with my work as a high school girls’ soccer coach, highlighted my love for teenagers, and my desire to be the most encouraging, knowledgeable, and safe support that I can be as teenagers navigate the challenges of family, friends, school, sports, and their mental health and well-being. Studying counseling with a focus on adolescent psychotherapy was the perfect next step, and I cherish every teen who comes into a therapy space with me and is willing to do the brave work of becoming and letting go.

It is an honor to hold the stories of my clients with them, to witness their vulnerability and courage session by session, and to celebrate their triumphs and growth as they move through the therapeutic process.

I bring a trauma-informed, feminist, person-centered approach to every client that I see to create an empathetic unconditionally accepting environment that focuses on empowerment, autonomy, and collaboration. My background in psychodynamic therapy brings a focus on attachment, early childhood experiences, psychosocial and cognitive development, and bringing the unconscious conscious. I have found this approach, combined with strengths-based therapy and cognitive behavioral interventions an effective way to support young people struggling with anxiety, depression, and symptoms related to trauma and ADHD.


  • Ages 12 – 18
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma-Informed Approach
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

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