Morgan Nagle, MS


I chose to become a therapist because I’ve learned that I am my favorite version of myself when I’m helping other people feel important. Being a human is hard sometimes and I don’t think we give ourselves enough grace for that. I strive to create a cozy, safe space for my clients where they can feel empowered to talk about whatever they need to without feeling judged, shamed, or dismissed. I have experience working with clients of all ages, but I find working with adolescents particularly rewarding due to my ability to empathize with their experiences and encourage them through such a gnarly phase of life.

I love helping clients figure out what is important to them – what makes their lives fuller and more meaningful, so that I can support them in pursuing a life that has as much of that in it as possible.

I am a cool, calm, and casual kind of therapist; I like to help clients navigate their mental health concerns through acceptance, authenticity, and humor.


  • Anxiety
  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Acceptance and Commitment
  • LGBTQ+

Here to Help

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