Zumbro Valley Health Center acknowledges the impact that COVID-19 may have on your mental health. During this time, we encourage you to reach out to friends, family members, and professionals for the support you need. You are not alone. There are several ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and triggers that will help make you and our community stronger.

Limit Media Consumption

Staying informed is important, but consider taking a break from social media, television, and news articles if you start to feel overwhelmed.

Take Time for Self-Care

Ensure you are nourishing your body with healthy foods and avoid alcohol or drug use. Deep breaths, meditation, and plenty of sleep can reduce feelings of stress immensely.

Stay Active

Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood or walk your dog around the block. Moving your body regularly by walking, stair climbing, jogging, bicycling, yoga, tai chi, or gardening will improve mental fitness and reduce feelings of fatigue.

Connect with Others

Talk with people you trust about your concerns. Social distancing may not allow for in-person gatherings, but technology does allow for phone calls, texts, video chats, direct messaging, and more.  

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. Taking steps to support yourself and each other will help our community get through this challenging time together. If you are facing unexpected issues due to the COVID-19 crisis including unemployment, homelessness, issues with substance use, anxiety, or depression, please contact us at 507.289.2089. Zumbro Valley Health Center remains committed to restoring hope, one life at a time.