Many struggles with mental health lie in childhood. In fact, half of all chronic mental illness begins before the age of 14. Being able to identify, address, and prioritize mental health within your home can allow your child to better cope with their mental health as they grow. Here are a few of the ways you can establish a healthy foundation to discuss, understand, and manage your children’s mental health in your home.

Talk with Your Child

Most children are notorious for their curiosity about anything and everything under the sun. Naturally, they’re often very curious about mental health and emotions. Being able to discuss topics surrounding mental health with your child can help them better understand what they may be feeling. Studies have shown this can even help them better cope with their emotions and health when issues arise. Unsure how to best go about these types of conversations with your child? Give us a call, and we’d be happy to assist you.

Know the Signs

Physical health is often easier to identify and address as opposed to mental health. In order to address your child’s mental health, you must be able to recognize the signs and behaviors. Some of the most common signs of mental health problems are persistent sadness, out-of-control behaviors, isolation, sleep disturbances, and frequent headaches or stomachaches. Each child is unique, meaning these are not the only signs that can be attributed to mental health struggles. If your child is showing signs of struggling with their mental wellbeing, please contact our team of specialists to schedule a screening.   

Make Mental Health a Priority

As much as physical health is easier to identify and address, it’s also more commonly prioritized over mental health. Showing your child the importance of prioritizing mental health from a young age can help destigmatize any negative feelings surrounding mental health. For many, the stigma surrounding mental health stems from the misunderstanding about mental health and necessary treatment. Just as you would provide a Band-Aid for a scrape, it’s essential to provide your child any necessary steps towards bettering their mental health as well.

Family life has a significant impact on children’s mental health. Make a positive difference in their health by communicating healthy behaviors and encouraging useful coping mechanisms. At Zumbro Valley Health Center, we offer many youth and family services to help families in southeast Minnesota flourish. Learn more about our range of unique services here.