Attending college is an exciting time for many students who are eager to get their start in the “real world”. Often, this excitement is counterbalanced with feelings of anxiety as a result of new financial responsibilities and self-dependency. In fact, over the past five years, more than 50% of college students have reported feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and anxious.

Mental Health Disorders Peak Around Young Adulthood

More than half of those struggling with mental health disorders will have developed symptoms by the age of 14. Lack of access to mental health resources, overarching stigmas, and lack of education often cause these conditions to go undetected and untreated. As these teens grow into young adults, many stressors can cause their undiagnosed mental health conditions to flare up.

Beginning in 2020, COVID-19 introduced a new set of challenges for college students to face. Students who benefit most from hands-on learning often experienced mental strains when adjusting to a completely new, virtual learning approach. Isolation also took a toll on the majority of students in 2020. Living and learning in close proximities to fellow classmates and faculty often resulted in long periods of self-quarantine. Individuals placed in quarantine often experience elevated feelings of loneliness, which can have a direct impact on their mental and physical wellbeing.

Finding the Right Mental Health Solutions for You

Zumbro Valley Health Center offers a diverse variety of resources for students experiencing mental health challenges. Our range of nearly 30 different classes and groups help lead individuals of all ages, genders, and circumstances towards a healthy and fulfilling life. From Tai Chi to peer support groups, individuals are sure to find a resource that fits their unique needs. For those looking for one-on-one resources, our compassionate team of providers offer an extensive range of therapy types to ensure your individual needs are met.

For more information on Zumbro Valley’s mental health care and resources, please contact our caring team of experts. We are happy to get to know you to help us determine the best care plan for your unique needs.