By: Parents of Incarcerate Sons & Daughters – POISD

This event will present resources and information to parents/caregivers of children whose mom or dad is or has been incarcerated.

About this event

Parents of Incarcerated Sons & Daughters – POISD is excited to partner with Zumbro Valley Health Center and New Dawn Consulting for the “Healing & Hope Initiative for Children Impacted by Incarceration.” This seminar is tailored specifically to parents/caregivers of children impacted by the incarceration of their mom and/or dad. The seminar will include information & resources available to help parents/caregivers with how to address various situations and struggles faced when a child’s mom or dad is in jail or prison. Resources for these children are scarce and we want to help change that.

Parents/Caregivers will receive a free day pass to JETS Gymnastics or ROCA Climbing & Fitness to bring home to their children. We will be holding a separate event at a later date that the children can attend as well!

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