Access to quality, affordable health care is something everyone deserves, regardless of financial ability. However, there are many who are not getting the health support they need. We understand this and have been working hard to increase health care access and break down the barriers that prevent those in our community from getting the mental health care and other health services they need. With Olmsted County’s new Community Health Improvement Plan and our efforts to increase access to care, we can continue to support our community as we build a healthier future.

Improving Community Health

Olmsted County sees this need for better access to health care within our community and has put together the 2024-2026 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). With the guidance of this plan, various organizations throughout Olmsted County have partnered together to break down the barriers preventing people in our community from receiving mental health care, drug abuse services, and overall access to health care.

We are proud to see our community coming together to support the cause we have been dedicated to since we opened our doors – improving the overall health of every adult, adolescent, and child in our community. As a part of this plan, we can further support our community by helping more people receive accessible and affordable health care services. CHIP provides momentum and awareness of health care service options, and with it we hope to reach a greater number of people in need of our comprehensive mental health care and the various other hard-to-find services that our partners can provide.

Prioritizing Health Care Access

At ZVHC, we use an integrated approach to care that prioritize quality health care access for everyone. To do this, we work quickly and collaboratively with clients, co-workers, and community providers to develop comprehensive treatment plans tailored to our client needs. After all, our mental and physical health is important, and no one should have to wait to get the quality support and services they need. Therefore, our services are focused on the following:

Convenient Locations & Telehealth Options

While there are many who look to mental health centers for services and support, it is not always easy finding transportation or attending in-person. We understand and we have solutions. With our four ZVHC locations, three of which are located on Rochester bus routes, we made physically accessing our facilities more convenient for our clients. For those unable to leave their homes, we also provide telehealth options. That way, everyone can receive the mental health services they need.

Immediate Access to Care

We understand that there are situations in which access to mental health services is needed promptly. Therefore, we prioritize immediate access to care through our many open doors. For most mental health centers across the nation, it takes an average of 60 days before an initial assessment can be done. However, we are proud to say that after contacting us, we are able to complete most assessments within 10 days.

For more urgent cases, we also provide immediate care options through our Mobile Crisis and Stabilization unit. This program is structured to help our clients connect to the resources and services they need, such as our 24/7 phone support with one of our trained counselors, emergency mobile or on-site treatment, and/or our short-term crisis stabilization care. With immediate access to this crisis care, we can help to work through and prevent future crises and improve overall well-being.

Increased Engagement

Once an initial assessment is complete, our licensed team of professionals will work with the individual to determine the best treatment plan. Since a treatment plan will not be effective if they are not actively engaged in the program, our program navigator is there to help increase engagement in programs, peer support sessions, and with their care coordinators. Every step of the way, we are there to provide support.

Comprehensive Health Services

Our support does not end with standard mental health services. At ZVHC, we also provide access to hard-to-find health services including psychiatry, Reiki, smoking cessation, and more. For other hard-to-find services we do not provide in-house, we collaborate with a variety of local and regional organizations. This way our clients have access to all the care they need – all coordinated under one comprehensive treatment plan.

Some of the services our local and regional partners include:

  • Dental Care: With Apple Tree Dental, we can provide affordable dental care conveniently at our facility.
  • Pharmaceutical Care: With Genoa Healthcare, we can ensure everyone can get the pharmaceutical care they need and help with medication management.
  • Career and Training Resources: With Goodwill Easter Seals, we can help our community receive the training and support they may need to reach their career goals.
  • Housing Resources: With Olmsted County, we can provide assistance finding housing programs for tenants, homeowners, and rental property owners, as well as those suffering from homelessness so everyone can have a safe place to call home.

We continually work to break down the barriers that prevent everyone from getting the health care access they need to live full and healthy lives. With the support of the various organizations in Olmsted County, the future of our community’s health is better than ever, and the future of your health can be, too. Contact us today to talk more about how we can help you or your loved one to build a healthier future.

In the case of a mental health crisis, please call our crisis line at 844.274.7472, text MN to 741741, or call 988.