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Mental Health Concerns in War Veterans

A military career can be one of the most honorable and rewarding paths to take. It can also be the most difficult. Difficult physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Mental health concerns for veterans are unique, as the events and…

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The Power of Peer Support

Peer support is a form of encouragement, advice, and emotional guidance provided by someone who has had a similar experience. This “been there, done that” perspective can provide a unique and significant type of support from someone who truly understands…

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Returning to School During the Pandemic:

A Guide to Supporting Your Child The COVID-19 pandemic has led to countless difficulties for students since March of 2020. When it comes to change, loss, and loneliness, students already coping with mental health conditions have been especially vulnerable. The…

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Managing Mental Health as the World Reopens

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a different effect on everyone, some more deeply than others. The past year has brought on countless changes to what our lives look like, and as our world gradually trickles back to a sense of…

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substance use recovery

Kylie’s Story of Substance Use Recovery

Substance use recovery is not easy. Kylie* successfully completed the Rebalancing in Recovery Program at Zumbro Valley Health Center and was referred to ZVHC’s Recovery Bound program for continued maintenance. At Intake, Kylie established goals to abstain from mood-altering and…

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